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Far from mankind's original origins the game of eve takes place. This planet that all the original EVE members came from is based on our planet Earth. Over years upon years the distance from earth is still not know. It is still not even know if planet Earth is actually intact or destroyed from some unknown force. What is known is that a large group of humans from earth took a wormhole and this ended up sending them to the new edge solar system. Once they had arrived at the solar system they quickly spread throughout it. Taking out multiple areas throughout the universe.

All was peaceful in the EVE universe until chaos come about. The gate to eve crashed and now the human race was stranded in this new unknown territory. Now that the gateway was closed the colonies spread throughout and attempted to rebuild the human race in a new area. Now after thousands of years there are only 5 major empires left. They are known as the Amarr Empire, the Gallente Federation, the Caldari State, the Minmatar Republic, and the Jovian Empire. Additionally, the world is full of several small, independent factions and states.

At Taultunleashed we have more eve bots, cheats, macros, exploits, guides, secrets hacks. Than you can imagine.

Eve Online Cheats and Exploits!

Eve Online EVE Cheats Exploits Cheat Exploit - EVE Exploits - Fake warp scramble trick
- EVE Exploits - Gain Sec Quick(er)
- EVE Exploits - Planet Bump - Safe Spotting
- EVE Exploits - Free Cap Recharge / Free Repairs
- EVE Cheats - Overfitted ship exploit (CPU/Powegrid over max)
- EVE Cheats - check Courier contract contents w/out accepting
- EVE Cheats - Easy money / items: contracts w/ scamming
- EVE Exploits - Planetary/Lunar/Solar Safe Spots
- EVE Exploits - Corp Theft
- EVE Cheats - Tanking Exploit

So your after cheats and exploits for eve online? Well here are 2 great examples of all the types of EVE Online Exploits and Cheats TaultUnleashed has. The first one was a cheat to make other players drop from battle. What you would do is first of all put on a specific ship configuration with certain types of items. Then after that you would find the person who's ship you want to destroy. Once found you then use your special ship configuration and attack the other ship. The odd bug was in how you attack and the certain items you had equipped it would make the other players computer crash to the desktop. Then it would allow you to easily kill them and loot all their items.

Another great EVE Exploit and Cheat was one where you would wrap faster than normal. The key to doing this was players first had to select where they wanted to jump to. Then when doing that you would open and close certain in game windows on the screen. If done correctly your ship would cut in half the amount of time it took them to go to hyperspace. With that ability player where much more adventurous in going after a certain mob, killing the ship, then running away before anything had time to attack.

Eve Online Guides and Secrets!

Eve Online EVE Guides Secrets Hacks - EVE Guides - How to Make Billions while sitting in a station
- EVE Tricks - Steal before addression counter
- EVE Guides - Market Aggregator and Trade Finder Program
- EVE Guides - Trade Routes Guide From Mitochondrial Eve
- EVE Guides - Trading Guide
- EVE Guides - Market Guide
- EVE Guides - The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Volume 1
- EVE Guides - Quick Mining for Budding Miners
- EVE Guides - R&D Agents
- EVE Guides - Early mining (pre-retriver)

EVE Online Cheats and Exploits not your thing? Well try some EVE Guides and Secrets. Here are 2 great examples of EVE Online Guides and Secrets. The First EVE Guides and Secrets would be a EVE Online Strategy Guide. This EVE Guide is just an easy way to find out all the different ship configurations for the perfect miner. Basically it would help guide you in your ships building to pick out the perfect miner in the long run. This is great for players that don't really like combating but love making money.

The second EVE Online Guides and Secrets is the locations of major blue prints. The secret showed players where certain blue prints would spawn based on a special system they have worked out. In now way was this a cheat and players benefited greatly. If you ever played back in the day you would have remembered the great miner II fiasco. Basically one corporation got its hands on the Miner 2 Blueprint and started selling off copies at a giant rate. This allowed them to have a hold on the entire markets and they ended up making in real life hundreds of thousands of dollars. The found this blue print from using certain guides in game and then it showed the secret location of the blue print.

Eve Online Bots and Hacks!

Eve Online EVE Bots Macros Hacks - EVE Bots - Tiberious Lite TU
- EVE Bot - Autopilot 0km bot
- Smartin\'s Macro Miner v1.1.1
- EVE Bots - My jet can macro
- EVE Bots - Macro Miner *WORKING*
- EVE Macros - High Sec BARGE Mining Macro for 3+ belts..
- EVE Macros - OCR Macro
- EVE Macros - Simple Jetcan Macro
- EVE Bots: Mining Macro
- EVE Bots: How to make your own EVE bot - Programming how-to

EVE Online Bots and Hacks are the key things many players search for. Here are 2 great example of EVE Online Bots Hacks and Macros That Players use. The first is a EVE Online Bot and Macro. Basically what is does is it allows you to mine while you sleep. All you do is set up a certain amount of parameters and then you can easily fall asleep while the bot does everything else you need. The bot will auto mine, go to your desired stations and drop off the ore. Then come back to mine more. The bot will auto kill any pirate ships it finds attacking you in the local area. If random player ships come into the area then the mining bot will wrap away to a safe location and log off allowing you to be safe. Or you can set the bot to auto attack the incoming ships with your selected weapons. All in all its the ultimate mining took.

The Second is a Eve Online Hack. This hack is much like the cheat listed before. What you do is first download the EVE Online hack. Then you open up your eve online window, and open up the hack. You travel to a location where there is a player you want to kill. Wait for that player to come to you. Then alt tab and run the EVE Online hack. If done correctly it will lag your computer but crash the computers of everyone that is around you. With that hack you can easily kill most every ship out there and in turn become invincible. This is a great hack to help players gain the best loot through pirating from others.

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